Known for creating romantic yet modern pieces, CALLE EVANS infuses a sense of sensuality in each garment. She believes that all women should be able to embody their own seductive side, while being a modern, strong female. Although CALLE EVANS is an emerging brand, it is quickly becoming recognized as a luxury label.


Some behind-the-scenes videos of past photoshoots, events, and more. Subscribe to our CHANNEL to see more.

Behind the Scenes of our May Photoshoot

Go behind-the-scenes of our May photoshoot for CALLE EVANS. See a glimpse of the hair & makeup, the set, the designer, the models, the photographer, and all the talent and work to create the beautiful final imagery. | CALLE EVANS (@calleevans) Designer: Calle (@callejaeevans) Photographer: Tracy (tracydoylephotog) Models: Alyson (@alyson.power), Molly (@mollykarrick), PJ (@pea.biscuit) Hair: Parlour (@parlourcincinnati) Makeup: Stefani (@stefanicarol) Assistants: Marra (@marraevans), Isabel (@isabelmurphy15) Video: Dakota Bloemhard (@dakota.bloemhard) |

Pinnacle 360º Fashion Experience

A little behind the scenes of CALLE EVANS at the Pinnacle 360º Fashion Experience on the top floor of Columbia Plaza in downtown Cincinnati. | CALLE EVANS (@calleevans) Designer: Calle (@callejaeevans) Photographer: Claudia Hershner (@claudiahershner) Models: Bina (@bina.elli), Molly (@mollykarrick), Cheyenne (@cheyennejanelle), Chloe (@chloehalbleib_official), Becky (@bunnyzcrazyworld), Sarah (@sarahdewald) Assistants: Isabel (@isabelmurphy13), Coryn (@coryn.sturgeon) Video: Elleree (@ellereeevans) Editing & Drone Footage: Rob (@meeizzzz) |

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A video about the beginning of CALLE EVANS, a luxury womenswear label.