Calle Evans

Known for creating romantic yet modern pieces, CALLE EVANS infuses a sense of sensuality in each garment. She believes that all women should be able to embody their own seductive side, while being a modern, strong female. Although CALLE EVANS is an emerging brand, it is quickly becoming recognized as a luxury label.


Wanting a look inside our world?

We are dedicating a section of our site to show you behind the curtains of CALLE EVANS. There are so many things that we've been wanting to share with you on a more intimate level.


Our company was built on the passion to provide you with a stunning addition to your wardrobe, a piece that is modern and elegant, while highlighting a bit of your sensuality. We strive to bring you a garment of the highest quality and craftsmanship that will stand the test of time. We believe that 

In these posts to follow, our goal is to share and inform you of the craft and hand work that goes into each creation. To show the process of each collection or garment. To explain the amount of detail and time that our hand embroidery takes. To help you better understand our company and the fashion industry. To highlight collaborations and things to come. Also, to hopefully be a source of inspiration and entertainment for your every day life.